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Oswell & Vahida has deep knowledge and understanding of global telecommunications, working efficiently and professionally to provide us and our clients, throughout the world, with outstanding support and advice in competition and regulatory matters.

(International consulting firm focusing on the telecommunications, Internet and media industries)

Electronic Communications & Technology


Digital convergence, multi-platform broadband and the dismantling of monopolies in Europe’s electronic communications industry have created new challenges at the intersection of previously separate areas of law and policy, such as electronic communications vs. content rules, or antitrust vs. technology standards and IP protection.

Our lawyers combine in-depth knowledge of the multi-pronged EU and international laws and policies in this complex field with many years of relevant hands-on experience. We advise clients across the whole spectrum of electronic communications law, and represent them in their commercial negotiations, administrative proceedings, regulatory advocacy, and disputes before the European Commission, the European Court of Justice and national authorities. Our experience also includes advice to European and national regulators; multi-disciplinary consultancy projects across the world; and the drafting of national legislation on electronic communications.

In addition to our regulatory work, we assist our technology clients in their commercial negotiations, disputes and litigation, and the setting up of their operations. We are particularly familiar with the problems facing new entrants in Europe and have developed the particular expertise and flexible approach necessary to best address their needs.

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