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"The rules of the Brussels Bar forbid the public disclosure of the identity of clients either directly or through the disclosure of the details of a matter.

As a result, our lists of relevant work provide examples of on-going or recent representations
in general terms only."



Oswell & Vahida provide the type of quality work product and dedicated service we typically find only with much larger firms  They have deep expertise and experience and are committed to achieving excellent results.” 

(US investment fund)

The European Commission has published a report on zero-rating practices, prepared by DotEcon, Aetha and Oswell & Vahida for DG COMP.

Oswell & Vahida serves as lead competition counsel in the acquisition of a European building materials group.

"Oswell & Vahida is the first firm we turn to for our most important competition matters before EU regulators.  They have deep knowledge, excellent judgment, and strong insight into the Commission's inner workings."

"We have developed an excellent relationship with Oswell & Vahida over the years, to the extent that we effectively consider them a natural extension of the in-house team."

(Leading European air carrier)

"Oswell & Vahida has provided us with fundamentally insightful advice for several years, allowing us to conduct business in areas we otherwise may have avoided."

(Global investment and technology development firm)

"Professional, efficient and always to the point, Oswell & Vahida understands the needs and constraints of real world clients."

(Leading Asian life-science company)

"The firm has consistently proven over time to be a top-tier adviser with the highest quality staff. We appreciate its global perspective and ability to analyze thorny multi-jurisdictional legal issues in a way that provides maximum utility for our needs."

(Global investment and technology development firm)

"With my company becoming involved in a field in which we had no or little experience it was essential that we found a partner that could guide us through the potential minefield before us. I have no doubt that our choice of Oswell & Vahida amongst a number of  potential candidates was the right choice. Whatever has been put before us, the assurance that sound, well thought out advice and assistance could be had only a phone call or email away has given us great confidence in our endeavours. To be sure, our relationship with Oswell & Vahida has blossomed into one of mutual trust that would be difficult to find elsewhere and one I am pleased to be party to."

(European technology company)

"We began working with Oswell & Vahida several years ago when one of our U.S.-based clients needed representation on a European merger.  Dennis and his team handled that matter masterfully and have since become our preferred local counsel in Brussels."

(Top 25 U.S. law firm)


"Oswell Vahida is our "go to" law firm for competition law in Europe.  They are great lawyers and easy to work with.  I highly recommend them."

(European low-cost airline)


"Oswell & Vahida has deep knowledge and understanding of global telecommunications, working efficiently and professionally to provide us and our clients, throughout the world, with outstanding support and advice in competition and regulatory matters."

(International consulting firm focusing on the telecommunications, Internet and media industries)

"We recently worked with Oswell Vahida's Paris office and were very impressed with the quality of their lawyers.  They delivered the results we were looking for at a lower cost than we are used to paying at large law firms. If the need arises, we will definitely use them again."

(German law firm)

"We had the pleasure of working with Oswell & Vahida on a high-stakes litigation involving transaction that spanned five different countries.  Regardless of the complexity of the legal issue or the time pressures, Oswell & Vahida always delivered.  If we asked for detailed legal memorandum in two days’ time, they would do it in one.  And the work itself was always insightful, thorough and well written.  If we have another matter involving Belgian law, Oswell & Vahida will be the first firm we call.

(US law firm)

Oswell & Vahida has been our law firm for the past 15 years on all competition and European law issues.  They have a deep understanding of these issues, and offer razor-sharp, practical advice which complements our  commercial and operation requirements.  We are happy to recommend Oswell & Vahida to any prospective clients.

(Low cost airline)

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