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"The rules of the Brussels Bar forbid the public disclosure of the identity of clients either directly or through the disclosure of the details of a matter.

As a result, our lists of relevant work provide examples of on-going or recent representations
in general terms only."

Our Belgian Practice

Relying on a team of Belgian avocats/advocaten,* we cover the entire range of legal issues relevant to doing business in Belgium, including :

-    corporate, M&A and finance;
-    commercial (including unfair commercial practices);

-    data protection;
-    real-estate;
-    labour and social security;
-    environmental law; 
-    tax and
-    litigation.


Representing a client in litigation arising out of the termination of distribution contracts


Representing an airline in a damages/labour law dispute involving the national Belgian aviation authorities.


Assisting a client in exercising multiple rights to reply in newspapers, on the Internet and on national television.


Acting as a liquidator for several companies.

Incorporating companies for clients establishing a presence in Belgium.


Defending a client in civil proceedings based on consumer protection law.

* collaboration based on a network agreement (correspondance organique).

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